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AEP's Sustainability Goals

2021 Sustainability Goals Update

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AEP’s sustainability goals are aligned with our corporate strategy and Strategic Framework for Sustainable

Development. In addition, they map to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), demonstrating the contributions AEP is making to create shared value for our customers, communities, investors and our company.

Since we last set these goals in 2018, the world has changed dramatically. We are living through a global pandemic; social and racial inequities have prompted a demand to end systemic racism; technology is advancing; the future of where and how we do our work is evolving; and, we have significantly moved our clean energy strategy forward by growing our renewable energy portfolio and setting a net-zero carbon goal for 2050.

As a result, we will refresh our sustainability goals in the near future to reflect our future strategy. We committed to annual updates on our progress, as demonstrated by this report, however, some targets have been refined where appropriate to better reflect the changing landscape.

AEP’S Strategy for Sustainable Development

Our strategy for a sustainable future is to ensure that the production and delivery of energy enables positive social and economic change for our customers, employees and communities as we collaboratively shape our future. We are grounded by our culture of safety, continuous improvement and customer focus. We commit to aggressively support economic development, develop innovative solutions, champion education and make smart infrastructure investments that power our communities and improve lives. AEP will lead by example by setting strategic performance targets and goals, and we will be guided by these key principles:

  • BE A CATALYST FOR CHANGE – We use our knowledge, voice, skills and relationships to enable innovation, bring new technologies to market, modernize the grid to optimize all resources and technologies, and develop a diverse, inclusive workforce for the 21st century.
  • ADVANCE ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP – We continuously seek to improve operations across our business to reduce, mitigate or eliminate the resulting impacts on the environment. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.
  • HELP TO BUILD STRONG LOCAL COMMUNITIES – Create shared value for our customers, employees and the communities we serve. Through philanthropy, we support basic human needs, including affordable housing and food security. Through our economic development activities, we help our communities to be sustainable by expanding economic opportunities.
  • DEVELOP A BRIGHTER ENERGY FUTURE – Work with our customers and communities to define and develop a clean energy future, giving them choices and timely information while providing safe, reliable, affordable electricity.