AEP Sustainability - New Source Review

New Source Review

In 2007, AEP entered into a court-approved settlement of New Source Review (NSR) litigation. Since then, the agreement has been modified several times, including to expand the scope of eligible environmental mitigation projects. The 2020 modification included as eligible mitigation projects provisions for funding the replacement of existing public school and transit buses with new, more energy-efficient electric buses, reducing emissions of NOx and particulate matter. In 2021, AEP began awarding grants for electric buses pursuant to the plan that was approved in 2020. To date, AEP has announced awards of $3,850,604 to eight public school districts and transit authorities to aid in the purchase of electric buses. The distribution of those awards is ongoing and is contingent upon the grant recipients fulfilling certain tasks related to the purchase of new buses and destruction of older, diesel-fueled models. Additional grants are expected to be awarded in 2022.

Since 2013, we’ve reported annually on our compliance with the consent decree requirements.